Porsche Parts by Dirk Matthee

How did it all begin?


This is actually a FAQ, but probably the best way to explain my background. I was always interested in cars; some of my first memories are from my late father working on his race cars, and me “helping” of course. That probably contributed me getting my Mechanical Engineering Diploma after High School. I soon find myself in the field of irrigation design (hey, where’s the cars), so I jumped to the opportunity when I friend asked me sometime in ’94 to help him rebuild his rally car that he just wrote off.


A few evenings into the project and my friend (the late Ampie Visser), bought a wrecked 944, and I was asked to help him to dismantle the car since we need the space, we were building a Rally Car after all. At this stage Ampie was involved with selling used Porsche parts for quite a while, and since I started to work on the our project a lot earlier in the evenings, I would receive a list of 944 parts that had to be stripped off urgently for clients…I was hooked. Soon followed a 924, 914, 928…this was FUN; and I started helping him with some of the repairs, so I got to drive the cars as well.


Soon Ampie got a warehouse and started a full time career selling used cars (mainly Porsche) and the New and Used Porsche parts, trading as Theporscheshop. I went and work for him on a full time base doing evening classes in Surveying.


I landed a job at the local university, got married, and now only manage to help Ampie out over weekends.

In 2002 I bought my first Porsche, a ’84 944 that had an interior fire, but I had a good source of spares, AND I could spend more time working on CARS.

Then in 2003 tragedy struck; sadly Ampie Visser passed away after a terrible accident in his workshop. His son was too young to continue the business, and everything was put on auction. I manage to buy all the 924 stuff to finish off my car.

I still needed a clean interior, and soon bought a accident damaged car only for the interior and started parting the rest out; I soon bought a 3rd car and eventually I was known as the guy to phone for 924 stuff; that’s probably why I never finished my project and parted it out.

Then people started to phone for 928 and 944 parts, so just one solution; move to a bigger place and buy more Porsches and expand the range.

I also started importing parts from the States, UK and other parts from Europe since 2005, and is now importing parts on a monthly base, so what actively started in 2004, had a 10 year run-up

That my friends, is how I got to play with Porsche and deal in Porsche parts, and yes, I eventually bought a running 924 to play with end then later a 944 and another 944 and then another….always bigger and better.